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Court Allows Campus Police Reports To Stay Private

by Lawrence Garrison on 11/28/16

The ruling ends a debate over whether or not private school's police department must follow public records laws.

“A grant of arrest powers enabling university police departments to keep order on their private campuses does not transform those officers or the trustees who oversee them into public officials and employees,” Justice Mark Massa wrote in his decision.

The court’s ruling follows a disagreement in the other branches of Indiana government earlier this year when legislators approved a bill allowing private colleges in the state to avoid open records laws. That bill was vetoed by Governor Mike Pence, who argued the college police departments perform a government function and should be transparent.

We recommend to Campus Police Chiefs at Private Universities to seek out the state laws that could effect your police reports being supeona or requested through public information request from news media outlets.

As a part of a College or University Public Safety and Security Assessment, we research state legislature that would effect any or parts of a Campus Police Department.

We welcome your comments or questions concerning police reports being private or available upon request to news media outlets?